Home Is Where the Heart Is

It has been an eventful couple of months!

At the end of March, we traveled to Guatemala for a week to work with a group of 51 high school seniors from the Dallas area. They came to help Daren and Heidi Walker build desks, paint, and put on programs for three schools in Guatemala City. These students blessed the kids and school administrators and many of the seniors’ lives were changed by how God moved at the school programs.

We were also able to further develop plans for the launch of a brand-new missionary internship program, Project One, which we plan to begin immediately upon our arrival to Guatemala.  Throughout the week we obtained video footage of the work that was being done in the projects as well as personal interviews with a number of the Dallas students on how the experience was impacting their lives.

Our initial concern with this quick trip to Guatemala for our “pre-term” field preparation was that we might go for a week…and hate it.  What if our nostalgia of a past trip was distorted by time and it turned out to be a prelude to our first term of just struggle after struggle.  The truth was the opposite.  From our arrival through the end of the week, we worked hard, sweated, were covered in paint, were stretched beyond our comfort zones and we were reminded that Guatemala is exactly where we are called and exactly where we desire to be.  We are seeing that when we delight ourselves in the Lord, the desires of our heart align with His desire for us.


We were also able to check a HUGE milestone off of our to-do list. Our goal was to put our house on the market by May 15th. Amazingly, by May 13th, our house was already under contract! Praise God! The way things are looking, we will close on our house on June 5th. We are just blown away by how quickly this process has gone. So, now we will be living with family until we move to Costa Rica for language school. We are so blessed to have family that stand with us and will take us in.

Since our house has gone under contract, we have been busy selling our things and moving out. It has been fast and furious. It has also been very emotional, but through this, God has been showing us that four walls do not make a home. We find home where our loved ones are close and when and where we’re following God’s direction.

On June 5th after we close on our house, we will immediately leave to head toward Springfield, Missouri for our 3 week-long missionary training. We are looking forward to this time and we’re excited for all that we will be learning in these sessions. Although we will be away, we will still be booking services for the coming months. We are actively looking to share with churches on these following Sunday – AM or PM services:

July 30th

Aug 6th

Aug 27th

September 24th

As always, we are willing to meet on Wednesdays, with your youth groups or weeknights with small groups!

Fundraising update - May 29

Our fundraising is coming along! We are still in need of more partners to join in on this journey with us.

If you would like to invest in this ministry >>>>>> GIVE NOW!

If you want to know more of what we’re doing in Guatemala >>>>>> TAKE A LOOK!

What is Project One? >>>>>> CHECK IT OUT!

Thank you so much to all of our faithful supporters and prayer warriors! We love you and pray God does mighty things because of your obedience.

Guat’s Up with The Hortons?


We have had a BUSY month!

We have been to SIX churches so far this month and made countless connections with such wonderful people!

Since we have been so busy, I didn’t have time to write a full blog post, but I wanted to give an update on our fundraising, extend our thanks, and share news and prayer requests.

First of all, I have been blown away be the generosity and kindness of those we have met on this journey. It has blessed us so much to be welcomed into your churches and shown love and hospitality. Thank you all!!

Also, we have seen a boost in our monthly support, and we cannot thank you enough! Your long-term support means so much to us and also, to the ministry and families in Guatemala. Because of your generosity,  we will be able to continue the diligent work in Guatemala of providing clean water, medical supplies, food, education, and the hope of Jesus Christ to children in this beautiful country. You are making such a difference!!

If you would like to become one of our monthly supporters, shoot us an email (kenny.horton@ma.agmd.org), call or text (254-485-3197), or you can follow the giving link on our homepage.

Our budget is coming along at a nice pace.

Fundraising update - March 17

An unofficial estimate, as of March 25th, 2017.


Also, we are looking to book Sunday services for April 16th, May 7th (Preferably in the Western – Central Oklahoma area) and May 14th. Wednesdays are also great evenings for us – most of ours are currently open! We would even love to meet with your small groups or meetings during the week.

This Sunday, we will be headed to Guatemala to work with Daren and Heidi Walker with a large group of high school seniors that will be ministering to the children and working on projects in various areas of the country. Be in prayer with us that doors and hearts are open, that the students stay energized and well, and that many children experience the hope and love of Jesus!

While we are in Guatemala, we will also be helping set the ground work for Project1 – the missions internship program for recent high school grads. We are excited to get this program launched and look forward to seeing what God does in lives through this program.

We love you all!