Guat’s Up with The Hortons?


We have had a BUSY month!

We have been to SIX churches so far this month and made countless connections with such wonderful people!

Since we have been so busy, I didn’t have time to write a full blog post, but I wanted to give an update on our fundraising, extend our thanks, and share news and prayer requests.

First of all, I have been blown away be the generosity and kindness of those we have met on this journey. It has blessed us so much to be welcomed into your churches and shown love and hospitality. Thank you all!!

Also, we have seen a boost in our monthly support, and we cannot thank you enough! Your long-term support means so much to us and also, to the ministry and families in Guatemala. Because of your generosity,  we will be able to continue the diligent work in Guatemala of providing clean water, medical supplies, food, education, and the hope of Jesus Christ to children in this beautiful country. You are making such a difference!!

If you would like to become one of our monthly supporters, shoot us an email (, call or text (254-485-3197), or you can follow the giving link on our homepage.

Our budget is coming along at a nice pace.

Fundraising update - March 17

An unofficial estimate, as of March 25th, 2017.


Also, we are looking to book Sunday services for April 16th, May 7th (Preferably in the Western – Central Oklahoma area) and May 14th. Wednesdays are also great evenings for us – most of ours are currently open! We would even love to meet with your small groups or meetings during the week.

This Sunday, we will be headed to Guatemala to work with Daren and Heidi Walker with a large group of high school seniors that will be ministering to the children and working on projects in various areas of the country. Be in prayer with us that doors and hearts are open, that the students stay energized and well, and that many children experience the hope and love of Jesus!

While we are in Guatemala, we will also be helping set the ground work for Project1 – the missions internship program for recent high school grads. We are excited to get this program launched and look forward to seeing what God does in lives through this program.

We love you all!



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